I’m an Australian software developer and data engineer with deep expertise in database design and performance (with PostgreSQL in particular), data engineering, and back-end development with Python/Django/Flask. My new course, Mastery with SQL - a hands-on practical course for learning modern SQL with PostgreSQL is out now! I’m also available for hire for consulting or contract engagements - get in touch with me at neil@masterywithdata.com

My Background

Previously, I was the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at RateIt, a customer feedback platform used by millions of people. I also did heavy data-crunching work applying neural networks to analyze mining site microseismic data at CSIRO.

I’ve worked with many different companies including BlackBerry, Ball Aerospace, Mobile Nations, and others and built and shipped multiple products at my own company, BBSmart. To learn more about my work and products I’ve built head on over to my LinkedIn.

I live in Australia with my beautiful wife and two sons and enjoy table tennis and rock climbing. I’m also a passionate life-long learner in mathematics, with a particular interest in number theory. I’m always around on Twitter and would love to hear from you.